Dream Goals

Dream Goals

Many thing we want to gain in our daily life, but how to reach them with minimum budegt? Lets your financial plan make your dream come true with Arkana.

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Pension Fund

Do you dream of the day when you can spend your retirement days exactly how you want? By investing on pension funds every month and do the monitor with your own self, everyone can enjoy their retirement day peacefully without think about their daily expenses.

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Emergency Fund / Sufficient Protection

Sometimes in life, things dont turn out the way we expected before such as families get sick or loss of income. So, we need to anticipate this situation. An emergency fund and sufficient protection is needed for each individual / family so that the financial plans that have been made to achieve the “Dream Goals” can be continue as well.

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Beli Rumah KPR

Home / Property Purchasing

Purchasing property such as houses, apartments, and land often need  carefully preparation and planning, considering the amount of investment needed is not small. With Arkana’s extensive experience and network in property and mortgage, we can help you to plan your own property , both as a place to live and invest.

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Children Education Saving

Saving for a child’s future education costs is a high priority for many families. With college costs continuing to increase, creating an education savings plan can be complex and challenging. Arkana will help you to plan enough education cost to prepare your child to achieve their goals.

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Pendidikan Anak
Dana Umroh

Umrah Planning / Religious tourism

Many of us think that going to the holy land and praying with their beloved family can only be done by those with high income. Arkana believe that with good and consistent financial planning, you can also realize this Dream Goals religious tourism. Check out more about Arkana Umrah program, or consult your needs in more detail with our financial planning team.

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Car Purchasing

Having your own car to support your daily activities is often a need that needs to be fulfilled, especially if the place of activity is not passed by public vehicles, or you have a big family members. Is it better to buy a car in cash or in installments? How much is a reasonable installment? Arkana is ready to help you to plan your car purchases according to your needs.

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Persiapan Liburan

Holiday Preparation

Do you want to enjoy the blossoming of Sakura flowers in Japan? Take a photo with your partner in front of the Eiffel Tower? Or playing with your family at Disneyland?  Your holiday from work should be a time to relax and recharge, and that extra preparation can help you enjoy your trip, without letting financial worries get in the way. With some strategies and a budget, you can avoid surprise bills that kill a post-vacation high or even worse­­, fees and interest that add up long after the fun is over. Isn’t it better to plan a great vacation without paying for it later? 🙂

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Wedding Preparations

Marriage in Indonesia usually need substantial funds, as we know the larger your guest list, the more expensive your wedding becomes. What if your spouse or family has encouraged you to get married soon, even though your current funds don’t seem to be enough? Arkana can help you to plan your wedding fund, which is also supported by our wedding planner partner.

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