Arkana Wealth Management Class

We believe that education is one of the keys to increase personal financial awareness. This is why we create Arkana Wealth Management Class, a financial planning workshop where every attendant will learn how to manage financials for her / himself and family. Things learned in this workshop will include:

  • Creating Your Own Personal / Family Financial Plan
  • Define Financial Goals and Choose Suitable Financial Products to Achieve Them
  • Anticipate and Manage Financial Risks
  • Manage Pension Fund, Education Fund, and Home Ownership
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Training Perencanaan Keuangan
Seminar Perencanaan Keuangan

Financial Planning Talkshow / Seminar

Talkshow or seminar is a form of financial planning education suitable for a large number of audience in a short time period. Various topics can be covered in the talkshow, e.g. financial planning basic concept, child education fund planning, pension fund planning, how to select mutual fund, etc.

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Financial Check Up & Consultation

Financial Check Up is a tool to understand your financial condition. By doing Financial Check Up, we will get important information that will base the financial plan. Get an accurate Financial Check Up for free in Arkana mobile application.

Please contact us if you need further consultation on personal / family finance with one of Arkana Financial Advisors.

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Financial Check Up
Financial Planning

Personal / Family Financial Planning

Now you can create your own financial plan using Arkana mobile application. Get to know how much you need to save every month and on which product, with our goal-based investment recommendation according to your Dream Goals.

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Why Arkana?


No more hassle in deciding where to invest and how much of your money. Arkana will give you recommendation according to your Cashflow budget every month, monitor your investment, and inform when you need to change the financial product to achieve your Dream Goal.


Arkana application has been registered in Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) with document no. S-98/MS.72/2019. Not only that, funds invested in Arkana is also managed by professional, experienced, and licensed investment manager and financial planner.

Minimised Risk

One of the principles in minimising investment risk is to put it in several different instruments. In Arkana, you can use various investment products, from mutual funds, stocks, to p2p lending. With various products available, Arkana can recommend you optimal investment while also minimising risk according to your profile and your Dream Goals.

Knowledge Sharing

Interested to know further about financial planning and investment? Get various tips on financial planning and investment guidance via our social media, blog, and Arkana mobile app.



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